maanantai 18. tammikuuta 2016

Amazing news!

We just heard that Bambi is SIC lure coursing dog of the year 2015. What awesome news! I haven't been writing anything when the year changed and I think now it is time to write something about the season 2015.

FINLAND SIC lure coursing dog of the year 2015
FINLAND SIC racing dog of the year 2015 5th
FINLAND PVK the best new comer at lure coursing 2015
FINNNISH lure coursing championship 2nd Silver medal
FINNISH racing championship 3rd Bronze medal
EUROPEAN coursing championship 5th - only 20months old babyface
And many, many other good results.
It was an amazing season 2015! Now we are looking at the year 2016 and eagerly waiting what nice events are ahead of us. Thank you all who were with us in the competitions, trainings and all other events. It was nice to meet new people, new friends, awesome dogs and see a bit more of the world. Bambi and I wish: Good season 2016 with adventuries to you all! :) <3

I also want to remember my other iggies who always travel with Bambi: My little Ariel is the mascot dog of the year 2015 and Belle is the wild happy friend of the year 2015 ;)

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